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Dear friend!
We would like to invite you to join our Loyalty Referral Program!

You can invite new customers by using your personal reference link (find it in your account - Profile - My Referral).

- Get 10% of the orders total of your referals. (6 months).
- You friends/referals will get "FREE SHIPPING" for their first order.

No limits of your refferals. You can invite as many referals as you want.
For each order made by each of your referals you get a reward equal to 10% of the order total of your referal.
All you "Referral Earning" can be accumulated of a period of 6 months from a specific referred new customer.
Your reward will be transferred to your account (Balance) only after your referal's order is paid and shipped.

How it works?

For that you need to give your friends unique personal refferal link.

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SteroidsGear Referral Program

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