What is Finasteride?

What is FinasterideWhat is Finasteride?

Finasteride is a synthetic, steroidal drug that has been approved for the treatment of certain types of male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It may also be used off-label to treat hair loss due to androgenic alopecia in both men and women. Finasteride works by inhibiting the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone responsible for male pattern baldness.

Finasteride Benefits

Finasteride is a very effective medication for treating male pattern baldness and BPH. Its main advantage is that it targets the hormone which is responsible for both conditions, so while the effects that it has on male pattern baldness are slow and gradual, there can generally be seen some degree of improvement within three months of use. It may be useful for some people who are seeking an alternative to more invasive treatments for BPH such as surgery.

Finasteride Side Effects

Although Finasteride is generally safe to use and well-tolerated, some people may experience side effects such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased ejaculate volume, enlarged or painful breasts, and rash. These side effects are usually mild and generally resolve on their own over time, although serious reactions can occur in some cases. Anyone who experiences more severe or prolonged side effects should speak to their doctor as soon as possible.

Finasteride in Bodybuilding

Finasteride has sometimes been used in bodybuilding circles as a way to enhance athletic performance, as it reduces the production of dihydrotestosterone and can therefore reduce the amount of testosterone that is converted into this androgen. However, its use is not recommended in bodybuilding or in any other athletic context as it increases the risk of serious side effects and may lead to long-term health complications.

Finasteride Uses

Finasteride is generally used to treat male pattern baldness, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and, in some cases, hirsutism or excessive hair growth in women (off-label). It should not be used as a form of male contraception and should not be used by women who are pregnant or may become pregnant.

Finasteride Results

Finasteride is generally quite effective for treating male pattern baldness, as well as for reducing the size of the prostate in those with BPH. It typically takes about three months for its effects to become noticeable, although the rate of improvement may vary from person to person.

Finasteride Stacking

Finasteride is not usually recommended for "stacking" with other medications. Stacking refers to taking multiple medications at the same time in order to enhance the effects of one or more of them, though it can also increase the risk of side effects or other health complications. Anyone considering such a practice should speak to their doctor first.

Finasteride Dosage

The recommended dose of Finasteride for male pattern baldness is 1 mg daily, either in the form of a tablet or a solution that is placed directly onto the scalp. In some cases it may be necessary to take more than 1 mg a day, but any changes to the dosage should be discussed with a doctor first.

Finasteride Cycle

In general, it is recommended that Finasteride be taken continuously in order to maintain the effects that it has on male pattern baldness. In the case of BPH, it may be necessary to take two separate doses each day. If using Finasteride is discontinued, it may be necessary to use other available treatments in order to continue treating the condition.

Finasteride Reviews

Most people who have used Finasteride have found it to be beneficial in treating male pattern baldness or BPH. Reviews of the drug tend to be quite positive, though its effectiveness may vary from person to person and some people may experience side effects. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of any drug before deciding to use it.

Finasteride for Sale

Finasteride is available for sale online through many different pharmacies and other retailers. Bear in mind that a prescription may be needed in order to legally obtain the drug in some countries, and it is important to ensure that the medication is being purchased from a reputable source.

Finasteride Brand Names: Finasteride, Finalo, Finast, Finax, Fincar, Finpecia, Finasteodin.

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