What is Anastrozole and How can It be Used

AnastrozoleWhat is Anastrozole and How can It be Used

One of the most prominent PCT component available in the market is Anastrozole. This is an azole compound and a prominent treating measure for breast cancer. It is specifically ideal for hormone receptor-positive breast-cancer forms. The oral component can offer a number of side effects but in course of healing, the side effects are comparatively mild.

How it is Used

Anastrozole is a component ideal to treat breast cancer among women. The hormone-receptor breast cancer forms can be countered with this component along with Arimidex, Tamoxifen alone or in combination. The treatment would run for five years, followed by another five years treatment measure. The treatment for estrogen receptor positive breast cancer forms among postmenstrual women sees Anastrozole as an effective component.

This same component can be used for early puberty in combination with anti-androgen bicalutamide for the treatment of peripheral precious puberty in boys.

Anabolic users sees the benefit of anti-estrogen effects of Anastrozole, which offers anti-aromatization treatment for anabolic users. Available form of the component appears in a strip of 1mg oral tablets.


Users may experience hypersensitivity issues with the component. Reactions like anaphylaxis, angioedema, and urticaria can be observed with its consumption.

Anastrozole Benefits

The most prominent benefits for the Anastrozole is lowering estrogen levels of the body and ward off the risks of aromatization. Side effects of anabolic steroids can be prevented or cured with Anastrozole as PCT. This component is known to keep a balance of testosterone levels in the body. It would be beneficial for older men with mild hypogonadism. It reduces serum estradiol levels to bring it under a normal range.

As medication for cancer, this component is known for slowing down the growth of cancerous cells.


A common dosage regulation is 1mg per day with or without food. The dosage can be used similarly for the anabolic users over the course. The use of the component in anabolic programs can be combined with other PCT components as well.

Anastrozole Cycle

Anastrozole cycle is introduced in week two and as 0.5mg twice a week (maintaining 1mg per week dosage regulation), it should be continued for five to ten years.

Side effects

There are multiple side effects of using Anastrozole, such as -

  1. skin reactions
  2. ulcers
  3. allergic reactions
  4. liver issues (if previous symptoms are present)
  5. liver pain and swelling
  6. hot flashes and arthritis
  7. peripheral edema
  8. dyspnea
  9. pharyngitis
  10. lymphedema

Cardiovascular events may also affect users at times, but with decent use of the component, the issues may be struck out and the body can consume to its own average composite form. Use of Anastrozole may require suggestions of fitness experts at times. It would be ideal to consult the best of the teams of fitness experts prior to consider an Anastrozole diet. It may require a certain correction in the diet form, but rather than willfully pushing the diet norms, following a proper diet chart and choosing to alter it from time to time would be much beneficial to keep the body stable.


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