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Testosterone enanthate

Few important things that you must know about testosterone enanthate! 

Testosterone enanthate is the name that most people know who have been suffering from the less development of muscles and bones. This popular drug is highly effective in treating the problems such as less growth of genitals and muscles. Comes from the androgens family, it should always be consumed on the recommendation of a doctor. If you are facing hormonal development issue, then you can take this drug after consulting a health expert.  Steroids gean testosterone enanthate (testoxyl enanthate 250) and other such drugs are good for treating the above-mentioned problems, but you need to be very careful while consuming such drugs.

Today, in this read, we are going to highlight a few very important points about testosterone enanthate that you must know. Whether you are already taking it or thinking to take it, you should be aware of its uses, misuse, overdose, and side effects. Let’s start and have a glance at the important points-

Uses of the testosterone enanthate-

In Male-

  • Mainly used for the males as a replacement therapy
  • Treat the deficiency of the endogenous testosterone
  • Ideal for the treatment of the testicular failure owing to the cryptorchidism
  • Great to treat vanishing testis syndrome
  • Delayed puberty in men
  • Used for developing the testosterone levels in men

In females-

It is used for premenopausal women with breast cancer.

Facts which you may not know about this drug-

  • This is prohibited by the world anti-doping agency.
  • It is illegally used by many sportspersons. They consumed it to strengthen the muscles and increase their strength. It also helps in improving the performance and physique
  • Transgender men also used this drug for the hormone-related therapy

This medicine is a testosterone ester and is considered the best for the best for long-lasting testosterone in the body. Introduced in 1954 for medicinal use, this drug is proved highly beneficial in the treatment of the above-told problems.

If you are thinking to buy testosterone enanthate, then we would like you to read the side effect of it carefully. Here we mentioned the side-effects of it which are common and have been proved by various studies.

 Let’s have a look at the side effects of testosterone enanthate-

  • Approximately 10% of this drug converts into dihydrotestosterone that promotes masculine characteristics in females as well as males.
  • These characteristics will be such as deep voice, growth of body hair, and others
  • May cause gynecomastia in males

Testosterone is a hormone that is present in women in the ovaries and adrenal glands. And, in men, it is produced in testicles.

Whether it is steroids gear, testosterone enanthate, and any other steroids, you should not consume it without the recommendation of a health expert. These drugs can cause serious problems in your body. After reading all the above guides, we are sure that now you have enough idea what is this drug, its uses, and its side effect.

Now we would request you that consult the health expert before deciding to include this medicine in your daily routine. An expert will suggest you the right amount of this drug. Also, you would get to know when and how you should take it. In which form, this drug will be beneficial for the treatment of your problem. Apart from this, if you are an athlete, then you should not take it because it is banned by the world anti-doping agency.

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